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About Us

Leading Sandblasting Company in Woodstock and Surrounding Areas

Franklin Sandblasting and Painting Ltd are one of the leading sandblasting companies in Ontario and serve the industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural sectors across the entire province. We sandblast, we paint, and we continually strive to improve the ways we do both. 30 years and countless projects later, we have a hard-won reputation as a leader of quality and personalized services.


Our Story

Our story is simple. Over 30 years ago, Alan Franklin and his lone sandblasting truck began sandblasting paint from the sides of old barns and repainting them. Having grown up in a rural setting, he recognized a need for sandblasting and painting services and decided to create a business to address it. The founding principle of his new business was simple. He would treat each customer as a business partner and would work toward the mutual benefit of both parties. This philosophy would ensure that every customer who entrusted Alan with a job would receive the quality workmanship and the dependable, personalized service that they deserved.


Three decades later, that same philosophy still anchors the company today. The business has grown far beyond Alan and his lone truck.


Our Principles

Here are some of the basic principles that have helped us thrive:

We provide the most attractive and durable results possible.
We strive to continually improve our methods to ensure that our work is conducted safely, efficiently, and environmentally friendly.
Continue to place the utmost importance on maintaining our reputation as an environmentally friendly company.
We enjoy each day, take on each job with a positive attitude, and have fun as a team doing our work.
Established a reputation as the “go-to guys” for sandblasting, by growing at a rate that has always allowed us to provide personalized, attentive service to each client.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sandblasting Services

Learn more about our high-quality sandblasting and finishing services.

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