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Safety & Environment

Woodstock’s Sandblasting and Painting Company Committed to Safety and Environment

At Franklin Sandblasting & Painting Ltd, we use silica free sand and perform all our work in an enclosed area to protect the surrounding environment. All our services are fully compliant with all government regulations and we are committed to safety and responsible towards the environment.


However, simply meeting regulations is not enough. There is nothing average about our company, and that includes our commitment to the environment.


In 1994, we invested in a leading-edge $1-Million metal shot recovery system that allowed us to reduce the five to ten tons of waste going to landfill each day into a handful of metal chips. The system is so effective that we received special recognition from the city of Woodstock for our commitment to the environment.


Our Workers

We make sure our employees are knowledgeable and capable of performing all work safely. We require all our employees to have a confined space and fall arrest license to ensure their safety. Every employee receives specialized training in how to operate a particular piece of equipment and how to be mindful of other workers and the immediate area. It is our goal to ensure that every worksite is a safe one.


Our Responsibility

It is not just our hope to do a better job from project to project, year to year. It is our responsibility. As an industry leader, it is up to us to find new ways to do our job better, faster, more efficiently, and safely. We believe in investing in our process because we believe everyone deserves nothing less from us.

Our Latest Projects

View our current sandblasting and painting projects in Woodstock and surrounding areas.

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