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Industrial, Commercial & Residential Painting and Sandblasting Services, in Woodstock

Our experts understand your needs, and bring you the quality workmanship and dependable painting and sandblasting services that you seek. We understand you want to deal with a business where a promise is a promise and results always exceed expectations. Across the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, our company has a hard-earned reputation as a leader in the sandblasting and painting business because we understand our tools, our trade, and your needs.


We, at Franklin Sandblasting & Painting Ltd, can manage any job of any size. We’ve been around so long chances are we’ve already done what you’re looking to do. From small items like automobile parts and rusty antiques to trailers to the hulls of steamships, there truly is no job we can’t handle.


Special Coatings and Blasting Media

In addition to sandblasting and painting, we are capable of applying special coatings like zinc, epoxy, and urethane. We use all kinds of different media for sandblasting, including steel grit, silica free sand, crushed glass and glass beads.


Our Services & Capabilities

Here is a brief summary of the services we provide:

Tanks & tank lining
Structural steel
Heavy equipment
Concrete structures
Specialty coatings
Truck fleets
Automotive parts
Swimming pools

Sandblasting and Surface Finishing

Smoothen and shape any surface with our high-tech and personalized sandblasting services.

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